Between history and legend

In the famous tragedy by William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”, which takes place in Verona, Fra’ Lorenzo is the Franciscan friar, a well-known herbalist, who secretly married the lovers Romeo and Juliet, whose he was a friend and confidant.

It is told that he used to come here on the Torricelle, the hills near the city of Verona, to collect officinal herbs for his medicinal infusions. Here he often took a break, meditating and enjoying the beauty, peace, and calmness of the area, in the shade of the ancient olive tree grove.

The Relais Fra’ Lorenzo, built on the legend’s places, welcomes you with the maximum care, giving you the chance to spend some unforgettable days in its rooms and suites, designed with an exquisite elegance, and to enjoy a wonderful and unique view over the city of Verona.

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